The North Sound Walks a Different Country Road on 'As The Stars Explode'

"As the Stars Explode, the sophomore outing from Saskatoon-based country roots rockers the North Sound, is a slick, radio friendly record punctuated by the songwriting guile and instrumental prowess of Blackfoot singer-songwriter Forrest Eaglespeaker backed by Nevada Freistadt's tight, crisp harmonies." - exclaim!

No Map or Compass
Through His Music, Forrest Eaglespeaker of The North Sound Celebrates Heritage and Healing

"Music became a lifeline for Eaglespeaker and would eventually become the bridge that connected him to his culture."

The Evolution of The North Sound's Sound
The North Sound Set to Release Second Full-Length Album ‘As The Stars Explode’ on October 23

'Saskatoon, SK – The North Sound is proud to announce the independent release of their second full-length roots-rock album, As The Stars Explode, on October 23 2020. Recorded at Nolita Studios in Saskatoon with Jesse Weiman, the album is an autobiography written from places of pain, realization, and healing.'

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